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Course Overview 10m.

Concept to Completion Optical System Development

Tools and Resources 10m. Quiz 3 practice exercises.

Learn About Our Optical Design Software Tools

Snell's Law Practice Problem 20m. Practice problems 20m. Rays and Snell's Laws 2h. Video 7 videos. Introduction to OpticStudio 5m. System Explorer and the Lens Data Editor 6m. Entering a Lens 8m. Analyzing a Lens 4m.


The Lens Catalog 18m. Configurations 5m.

Optimization 20m. Introduction 10m. How to get started using OpticStudio 10m. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Video 12 videos.

SPEOS Optical System Design Software | ANSYS

Jargon and Sign Convention 6m. Example of Sign Convention 1m. Graphical Ray Tracing 14m. Virtual Objects and Images 8m. PhET Lens Practice 9m. Positive and Negative Lens Laboratory Demonstration 6m. Thin Lens Equations 15m. Imaging with Mirrors 9m. Single Lens Imaging Example 8m. Mirror Laboratory Demonstration 5m. Lenses vs. Mirrors 2m. Paraxial Analysis in OpticStudio 7m. Reading 1 reading. Practice ray tracing 10m. Practice problem 10m. Practice Questions 20m. Ray Tracing and Lens Analysis 2h. Video 8 videos. Optical Path Length of a Paraxial Lens 8m. Power of a Single Curved Surface 5m.

Lens Maker's Equation 6m. Power of Curved Mirrors 8m.

ENEE408E: Capstone Design Project: Optical System Design

Two Lens System 3m. Design with Thick Optics 6m. RCI is outfitted to produce small precision optical assemblies as well as large, industrial scale optical systems. RCI also has the capability to produce ruggedized systems that are performance tested in the harsh environmental theaters demanded by military and space applications. From conceptualization to production, RCI offers innovative solutions to any optical design or manufacturing challenge. Using state-of-the-art opto-mechanical design software and testing equipment, RCI ensures the highest degree of quality through all stages of development.

Optical System Design: Keeping the Coatings in Mind

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest quality optical systems design and performance. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself, as evidenced by RCI's long-standing relationships and repeat business.

2. What is lens design?

Experience across the ultraviolet through visible to mid infrared wavelengths. Optimisation for prototyping and manufacture.

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In summary, LumOptica can: Troubleshoot problems in current optical designs Predict performance of systems Guarantee performance before build Minimise risk of failure Representative and quantitative simulated data Minimise costs. Minimise route to manufacture.