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Science Advances. Single-cell absolute contact probability detection reveals that chromosomes are organized by multiple low-frequency yet specific interactions. Diego I. Methods Mol Biol. Surfing on protein waves: proteophoresis as a mechanism for bacterial genome partitioning J. Walter, J. Dorignac, V. Lorman, J. Rech, J. Bouet, M. Nollmann, J. Palmeri, A. Epub Jul The mechanism of force transmission at bacterial focal adhesion complexes. Astigmatic multifocus microscopy enables deep 3D super-resolved imaging. Apr Bargmann Biomedical Optics Express, 7 3 : , 1 March ET AL.

USA, vol. HA, Y. VIROL, vol. YIN, H. Modified polynucleotides encoding copper metabolism MURR1 domain containing 1. Modified polynucleotides for the production of proteins associated with human disease. Modified polynucleotides for the production of proteins associated with blood and lymphatic disorders. Modified polynucleotides encoding aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator. Modified polynucleotides for the production of oncology-related proteins and peptides. USREE1 en. Heat-stable respiratory syncytial virus F protein oligomers and their use in immunological compositions.

Heat-stable Respiratory Syncytial Virus prefusion F protein oligomers and their use in immunological compositions. EPA1 fr. SIT1 en. HRPT1 hr. DKT3 da. RUA ru. LTT lt. CYT1 el. MXB es. PTT pt. RSB1 sr. BRA2 pt. EPA3 fr. EST3 es. SGA1 en. JPA ja.

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PLT3 pl. HUET2 en. AUA1 en. CNA zh. MXA es. AUB2 en. Optimization of gene sequences of virus-like particles for expression in insect cells.

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CNB zh. Chen et al. The structure of the fusion glycoprotein of Newcastle disease virus suggests a novel paradigm for the molecular mechanism of membrane fusion. Tan et al.

  1. Representations of Indian Muslims in British Colonial Discourse.
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  4. Nature Vol 439 No 7072 January 2006 2006.
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  6. Essentials of Medical Genomics!

Norovirus P particle, a novel platform for vaccine development and antibody production. Produccion de la proteina de la capside del virus del papiloma humano y particulas de tipo viral. Roux et al. Dormitzer et al. It is recommended that organizations implement policies to support flexible working hours and provide maternity benefits. The paper's primary contribution is finding that flexible working hours and maternity benefits have a significant impact on retention of working mothers. Keywords: Work-life Balance, Maternity benefits, Job retention, flexibility, working mothers.

The results of this study will add to the current body of knowledge as well as assist in creating foundational solutions to ensure successful retention of working mothers. The present study examined the influence of growth opportunity, supportive management and meaningful work towards turnover intention among Generation Y Employees in the Public Sector in Astana, Kazakhstan.

This was a quantitative research that used a survey method. Data was collected from a sample of Gen Y employees in the public sector in Astana, Kazakhstan. The findings revealed that meaningful work and supportive management had a significant impact on turnover intention. However, the results revealed that growth opportunity had an insignificant relationship towards the turnover intention.

The findings supported the results from some earlier studies and bring out several new ideas such as the importance of supportive management. The findings have significantly contributed to the advancement of knowledge in the turnover intention of public sector employees. As for practical implication, the significant and positive impact of supportive management and meaningful work suggests the importance of these factors in retention of Gen Y employees.

It is recommended that organizations implement policies to support meaningful work and supportive management policies and practices. The results of this study will add to the current body of knowledge. The paper's primary contribution is that it provides an understanding that supportive management and meaningful work have an impact on reducing the turnover intention of Gen Y employees in Astana, Kazakhstan. This study seeks to examine the factors affecting customer loyalty towards the customers of foreign banks in Malaysia.

Through a random sampling technique, data were collected using structured questionnaires from a total of individuals holding a banking account with at least one of the foreign banks operating on the Malaysian shores. The results indicate that three out of the four variables tested, i. The findings further prove that trust did not radiate any effect on customer loyalty. This study also holds some recommendations on how foreign banks can reverse their current situation and have a better approach at retaining their customers.

Abstract: Labour dispatching is emerging as flexible and effective employment model in the labour system, where it plays an effective role in reducing the labour costs. Nevertheless, research among dispatched employees are scarce. Thus, the purpose of this study was to identify the following: 1 relationship between psychological contract and turnover intention, 2 relationship between organisational justice and turnover intention and 3 organisational commitment and turnover intention among dispatched employees attached to Multinational Corporations in China.

A questionnaire-based survey was carried out among dispatched employee in Multinational Corporations in China. Purposive sampling was utilized. The survey yielded responses. The results were analysed using SPSS Abstract: The wireless telecommunication industry in Malaysia demonstrates evident signs of a consistently changes in industry paradigm and signs of moving market.

Since the rapid growth of wireless technologies and high demand of consumers for more advanced wireless services, the standard of wireless telecommunication services is moving from voice-centered communication to a series of the high-speed data communication and multimedia. This study is an acknowledgement to the request by previous researchers on the need to examine the important factors such as perceived value and service quality that can directly affect the customer satisfaction in Malaysian mobile phone operator.

The moderating effect of attractiveness of alternatives has been also tested between variables. Therefore, the empirical findings, which are based on quantitative research and further multiple regression analysis, shows that both perceived value and service quality has positive relationship towards customer satisfaction.

But, the moderator was found that the interaction of both variables with Attractiveness of alternatives has no effect to improve or enhance the satisfaction. Abstract: This research paper attempts to investigate the graduate labor market from an employer-oriented perspective. This is analyzed in line with the perceptions from various Business Enterprises in Malaysia who are the possible employers of these graduates. The analysis is bound to show the relationship between the Employability Skills of Fresh Business Graduates and satisfaction of employers with said skills.

The objectives of this paper were: i To identify the Employability skills gap present among Fresh Business Graduates and Employer Perspectives in Kuala Lumpur; ii To identify the current employers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the skills of the existing graduate employees. This would possibly give chances for academicians to judge the existing degree curriculum and recognize the identifiable needs of the Malaysian employers and to be able to respond and cater to the market needs.

Keywords: Employability, Skills. The current study conducted in the port city of Bangladesh as it is not possible to cover the whole country with 3 months. This is conclusive research used quantitative approaches. The results were analyzed through SPSS using correlation and multiple regression to find the answers for the hypothesis. Abstract: Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.

The graphical representations and tables are presented to illustrate the models. Abstract: In the previous couple of years, the attention of the public has been increasing rapidly towards big corporations and their disclosures of accounting frauds and false reporting as well as high amounts of compensations given to the executives and mismanagement leading to bankruptcy faced by the large corporations. The accounting frauds and poor corporate governance system have been reported in many countries including Tanzania, USA, and Canada etc.

The scandals committed by large companies in Tanzania was brought to public attention when it began around which led to loss of millions of dollars. Corporate governance system has a major impact on the financial statements and accounting fraud in the company. Good corporate governance means that the financial statements reported to the public will be free from errors and accounting frauds will be minimized. The general objective of this research is to analyze the impacts of corporate governance system on the financial statement frauds particularly with companies in Tanzania.

The design and approach of this study is chosen as a quantitative research which incorporates primary data. The primary data of this research will includes questionnaires given to stakeholders of companies in Tanzania. The results indicate that Audit committee effectiveness, tone at the top level management, Independence of BOD and Audit committee, policies and ethical guidance and corporate culture has a direct impact on the financial statement fraud. Future researchers may also include other areas of corporate governance in which they can include other variables such as Board meeting and board size should be included in relating to how it affects the overall quality of financial reports and the financial statementfraud.

Keywords: Corporate governance, financial statement fraud, Tanzania. Abstract: Response surface methodology RSM is a set of statistical and mathematical techniques useful for developing, improving, and optimizing processes. RSM studies the relationship between responses and a set of input variables. The discussion in the study covers the use of second-order model to approximate this relationship. Analytical method and graphical method are the procedures used in solving a RSM problem. The same procedure applied to the contaminated dataset in order to find a robust regression estimator.

A regression estimator is said to be robust if it is still reliable in the presence of outlier. The improvements relative to the MM method is illustrated by means of the parameter estimates for small, medium and large sample bias calculations, standard errors SE , and root mean square errors RMSE. A real data example analysis and simulations were employed in this study. It turns out that the performance of RSM based on MM-estimator is more efficient than the OLS-estimator in the absence of outliers for the real data analysis.

Consequently, these results supported with the simulation analysis. Keywords: Response surface methodology, MM-estimators, Robust regression estimator. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to understand the role of community as an important player for community-based tourism in rural areas. This study is deductive in nature where descriptive statistics used to measure the relevant dimensions.

This finding can be used in determining sustainable tourism practice which will be focused on participationand empowerment aspects. Keywords: community tourism, perception, sustainability.

Volume 439 Issue 7072, 5 January 2006

Abstract: The aim of this study is to holistically understand the role of social capital and resources in influencing the sustainable indigenous tourism practice of the Bidayuh indigenous community in Malaysia. Lack of specific study on Bidayuh community and tourism participation has created a significant justification for this study as they are the main stakeholders of the rural setting. This study employs a quantitative approach for data elicitation and analysis. Pearson correlation is used as the statistical analysis to measure the relationship of linking, bridging and bonding of the community towards sustainable tourism practice.

Overall, the social capital variables had average and strong relationship with the sustainable indigenous tourism dimensions. The community believe that tourism is a dominant tool to develop social capital. However, they are still dependent on the support of outsiders to develop the social capital.

Keywords: Indigenous tourism, social capital, Sarawak. Abstract: The two concepts of emotional intelligence EI and communication apprehension CA have been studied extensively in separate contexts and to some extent in connection with each other, but the components of EI have never been studied in relation to CA. This dissertation aims to illuminate whether EI and each of its four components the skills of perceiving, using, understanding and managing emotions are negatively related to CA.

Past literature indicates that CA, a handicap that harms some people in the society, has a negative impact on personal, professional and academic success and that EI is a skill that can be mastered; hence, the most important contribution of this study is that CA can be overcome or alleviated. Data for this quantitative study has been collected from over undergraduate university students via a survey containing tests on CA and EI and processed via SPSS. Findings from the research suggest there is an inverse relationship between EI and CA and all the five hypotheses are accepted.

However, to ensure generalizability of the results so as to implement new educational policies on EI and CA awareness among Millennials, diverse populations, different locations and more variables need to be tested applying more specific sampling methods. Keywords: Communication apprehension, Emotional intelligence, Millennials. Abstract: The sustainable development topic of readymade garments sector speaks to a flawed picture considering distinctive sustainable issues as ecological impressions, workplace or factory security and labor rights.

Therefore, sustainable point of view mostly in the readymade garments industry has distinguished as a noteworthy subject because of upsurge responsiveness related with ecological and social impacts of concern industry mainly at developing countries such as Bangladesh. In fact the present authoritative culture of focused industry is kind of dynamic and complex where the complicacy of employee behavior and concerns connected with sustainable development issues that may deliver misconception in regards to how to approach employee contribution plans towards sustainable goals.

Therefore the objective of present research is to recognize the level as well as the impact and relationship among employee knowledge and behavior of sustainable development in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The obtained outputs show that reflected participants hold moderate level of knowledge and behavior towards sustainable issues. It has also been identified that knowledge has significant impact on behavioral pattern of employees and both variables contain a positive connection. The acquired insights may encourage both employee and concern management to find the basic elements to start efficient association towards sustainable development practices.

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to examine the relationship between leadership styles; perception towards gender; working experience and employees job satisfaction in the Higher Education Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Questionnaires were used as the data collecting method. The sample size compromised of employees at 4 different universities Monash, Taylor, Inti, and Sunway University.

In order to analyse the responses gathered through the questionnaire, the statistical tool named SPSS was used. For purposes of data analysis and hypotheses testing, several statistical methods such as descriptive analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and multiple regression analysis were utilized to understand the dimensionality of the variables. The determined findings showed that employees' job satisfaction is positively and significantly impacted by leadership styles, perception towards gender, and working experience.

The findings of the study would hopefully contribute to the building of new knowledge. Furthermore, it can be useful for human resource development in the education industries. This study provided an additional opportunity for the decision makers to develop and design more effective policies in this area to ensure that the performance of companies still on top. The factors studied were i. A total of respondents were selected where All the respondents were employed and thereby receiving some form of income. Four hypotheses were used to test how the factors impact the behavioural intention to adopt crowdsourcing mobile application in Maldives.

Increase in three independent variables which is Perceived usefulness, Social influence and Hedonic motivation resulted in escalation of behavioural intention to adopt crowdsourcing mobile application. Thus, these three behavioural variables were found to have a positive correlation with behavioural intention. On the other hand, Perceived risk which is another independent variable were found to have a negative correlation with behavioural intention, meaning the higher the perception of risk is associated with using the mobile application, the lesser the intention to use the crowdsourcing mobile application will be.

Moreover, it was found that Gen Y, the older generation had a higher behavioural intention to adopt the mobile crowdsourcing app with higher perceived usefulness, higher social influence and higher hedonic motivation than the Generation Z the younger generation. Additionally, women were found to have higher perceived risk than men. Yet women were more hedonically motivated than men while men were socially influenced than women in adoption of mobile application. Keywords: Crowdsourcing Mobile Application, Generation Y and Z, Maldives, repair and maintenance, perceived usefulness, social influence, hedonic motivation, behavioural intention.

This research will look in deep on how these elements will impact the employees turnover intention. A total of respondents take part in the data grouping, in which was elected using a snowball sampling from the distribution of the questionnaires throughout the organization in two weeks time. In fact, the data that has been collected were utilized as primary data for this study.

Along with that, this research gives several past studies and findings that have been conducted on how the elements will impact the employees turnover intention. The research also has discovered that the elements Job Burnout, Job Security and Organizational Commitment are strongly correlated to the turnover intention. This research report can be utilized for an organization, particularly for Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency to identified the turnover intention of their employees by taking into account on employees job burnout, job security and organizational commitment.

Subsequently, the data of this study were collected through self-deployed questionnaires and were spread among women working by using Quota Sampling methodology that were controlled by marital status and working experience as well as, applying quantitative survey using statistical methods to test the hypothesis. There were a total of eighty questionnaires collected from working women starting from the age of twenty and above.

Besides, the findings of this research are limited by the amount of respondents, the coverage area and location, and language interpretation. Finally, the purpose of this study is to contribute to the body of knowledge by continuing to shed lights on the barrier women face in their work place that hinders their career advancement. Keywords: women career advancement, career development, job motivation, socioeconomic status, and networking.

Reimer, Marc J. Tissaa Tony. Faith and Emotional Intelligence. References: 1. Sulekha, R. Francina Pracila Mary, Tharmalingam. Impact of Inflation of the Household Spending Power. RBI pegs retail inflation at 4. Selvam, D. Ashok, P. The findings of the study found that, the respondents have full awareness and perception about health issues and also they were aware of the various schemes and initiatives taken by the government to uplift the rural women and children to live healthy and better life in rural area Keywords: Awareness, Perception, Health issues, government initiative and Development of rural women References: JG, Van Ginneken JK, Maternal education and child survival in developing countries, The search for pathways of influence, 27, No.

Census , Government of India. Frank Transer, Methodology for optimizing location of new primary health care facilities in rural communities: A case study in Kwazulunatal, South Africa, Journal of Epidemiology Community Health , Vol. GuhaMazumdar p, Gupta K. Hair, J. F, Anderson, R. E, Tatham, F. L, and Black, W. Smith, L. World Bank , Environmental health and child survival: epidemiology, economics, experience. Washington, DC, World Bank,. References: Brady, K. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 9 2 , , Browning, L.

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