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You also can use the WebSphere Application Server administrative console to bind the resource manager connection factory references to one of the configured resource factories. If the value of the res-auth element is Container within the deployment descriptor for your application, you must specify the mapping configuration.

See the topic, Mapping resource references to references, for additional directions. Mapping modules are special JAAS login modules that provide principal and credential mapping functionality.

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You can define and configure custom mapping modules using the administrative console. You also can define and pass context data to mapping modules by using login options in each JAAS login configuration. In the product, you also can define context data using mapping properties on each connection factory reference binding. Login options that are defined for each JAAS login configuration are shared among all resources that use the same JAAS login configuration and mapping modules. Mapping properties that are defined for each connection factory reference binding are used exclusively by that resource reference.

The authentication data for DB2 is different from that for MQ, however. Use the mapping properties in a connection factory reference binding to specify which EIS server requires the user ID and password. For more detailed information about developing a mapping module, see the topic, J2C principal mapping modules.

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Security information can be supplied by an EIS resource adapter to the application server using security inflow context. The security inflow context mechanism enables the work manager to execute the actions of a Work instance under an established identity. Those actions include the delivery of messages to Java EE message endpoints that are processed as message-driven beans MDB under an identity that is configured in a security domain of the application server. Secure message delivery to a message endpoint requires that global security is enabled in the global security configuration.

It also requires that application security is enabled on the application server that hosts the application providing the message endpoint MDB. For more information about global security, see the topic, Global security settings. The security policy of the application deployment descriptor must be configured with roles that are associated with user identities in the application realm, which is the user registry of the security domain that scopes to the application.

This security configuration enables EJB security and authorizes specific user identities in the application realm to access MDB methods. For more information about security overview, see the topic, Security.

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Secure message delivery also requires the resource adapter to define implementations for both the WorkContextProvider and SecurityContext interfaces. To deliver a secure message, a resource adapter first submits a work instance that provides a SecurityContext implementation, which the work manager uses to establish the execution subject for that work instance.

If the caller identity is in the application realm, then the work manager asserts that identity by constructing a WSSubject instance containing the caller principal, any group principals, and all private credentials. Alternatively, the SecurityContext can provide an execution subject that is an instance of WSSubject instance created by another login or authentication module. The work manager accepts this WSSubject instance only when its caller principal is in the application realm or within a trusted realm.

For more information about realms, see the topic, "Configuring inbound trusted realms for multiple security domains". The work manager rejects a Work instance whenever it cannot establish a WSSubject instance. Otherwise, it dispatches the instance on a managed thread under the WSSubject instance that was either asserted or accepted. If the SecurityContext provides no caller identity, the Work instance dispatches under a WSSubject instance containing the unauthenticated caller principal.

When dispatched, a Work instance might attempt to deliver messages to the MDB of the secured application. The JCA defines a set of contracts, such as transactions, security, and connection management, that a resource adapter must support in order to plug in to an application server.

These interfaces, called application views , provide a simple, consistent, self-describing interface to services and events in an application. Unlike adapter users, application view users are not required to have intimate knowledge of the EIS or its client interface. As a result, users who are not programmers, such as technical analysts, can use application views. Application view controls allow a business process engineer to browse the hierarchy of application views, invoke a service as a business process action, and start a new business process when an EIS event occurs.

These capabilities provides a systematic, standards-based architecture for hosting business-oriented interfaces to enterprise applications. The following illustration shows how the various application integration components interact.

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Adapters WebLogic Integration makes use of adapters to establish a single enterprise-wide framework for integrating current or future applications. This contract also supports transactions that are managed internal to an EIS resource manager without the necessity of involving an external transaction manager. This contract provides support for a secure application environment, which reduces security threats to the EIS and protects valuable information resources managed by the EIS. Wombat Corp. Wombat has huge existing investments in its EIS systems, which include an ERP system and a mainframe transaction processing systems.

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Wombat needs to drive business-to-business interactions with its multiple supplier vendors and it wants to leverage its existing EIS investment while adopting the new e-business architecture. The B2B server can drive B2B interactions with multiple buyers and suppliers. Wombat buys off-the-shelf resource adapters for its existing set of EISs. The following diagram illustrates Wombat's use of the J2EE Connector architecture to run its business.

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The expert group includes leading application server vendors, EIS vendors and enterprise tool vendors. To list your product on the product page, please fill out and submit the product survey form. The connector-interest mail list is a great place to learn more about the J2EE Connector architecture.

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