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It was ruled by the Abbasid Empire, followed by the Mongols, the Crusaders, the Ayyubids, and the Mamluks until the Ottoman Empire took control in Jordan gained its independence in , following the United Nations' approval of the end to the British Mandate, and King Abdullah was declared Jordan's first king - ruling until his assassination in Tensions emerged in the late s and early s between Israel and a number of Arab countries, including Jordan, which lasted until when peace negotiations were arranged.

Following the peace treaty, the United States continued to service Jordan with hundreds of millions of dollars in an annual foreign aid stipend, and constituted the country as a free trade zone. After the death of King Hussein in , his eldest son, King Abdallah II, assumed the throne, and subsequently began a very aggressive and progressive economic reform program. Tragedy struck Jordan in late as the country endured three terrorist bombings in Amman. Later, the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians was revoked to prevent Israel from permanently re-settling the West Bank.

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No detention centre mapping data. Singapore Immigration Detention. Quick Facts International migrants : 2,, Centres List No detention centres data available. Statistics Expand all A. Detention, expulsion, and incarceration statistics 12, Criminal prison population Criminal prison population. Undated website. Percentage of foreign prisoners.

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Percentage Observation Date 9. Prison population rate per , of national population. Demographics and immigration-related statistics 5,, Population International migrants. International migrants as a percentage of the population.

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